Free Mini Digital Marketing Audit

Let me analyze your website and give you a free mini digital marketing audit. I’ll take a look at your content, copy and strategies that are in place and give you some insights on how to increase your conversions.

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You know that your product or service is phenomenal and would provide so much value to your customers? There’s just one question – why aren’t they buying from you?


They are many reasons why customers aren’t converting on your website.


A 1 second delay in site speed can result in a 7% reduction in conversions

A large percentage of your visitors are leaving within seconds after briefly viewing your landing page.

You’re selling to people that aren’t ready. In fact, 73% of leads on your website are not sales ready

You haven’t properly optimized your website for search or mobile

And on and on and on

In fact a 50% increase in your conversion rate can increase your sales by 500%.

With an increased conversion rate, you can help more people while increasing your sales and revenue (a win-win for everyone) and that’s all without having to increase your traffic or advertising budget.

With the Free Digital Marketing Audit, I examine your site and find vital areas where you can increase your digital marketing to rocket your conversions.


Included in Your Analysis

SEO Audit

I review your SEO to look for areas that can be improved upon. This includes your URL structure, broken links, deep linking, back links and your usage of keywords.

I then make recommendations on how you can get more out of your SEO to provide further benefits

Content Marketing Audit

Strong content throughout your website is the most important element. I look for where you have gaps, where you need improvement on your copy and duplicate content.

I make suggestions for your content that are actionable and can help your business grow.

Responsive Check

Your website needs to be responsive. Visitors have a short attention span and are unlikely to stay on your site if they have to zoom and pinch or if the content doesn’t display properly.

The report will highlight areas for improvement and guidance on how to correct them