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I used to work for a digital marketing agency.

I left my job because I love working one-on-one with clients (like you). I love helping people discover the powers of digital marketing in order to send the clients (and cash) raining down.

I seriously live and breathe this stuff. I love taking a look at businesses and figuring out a strategy that will work best for that particular business.

I specialize in content marketing. Words are powerful. They can attract and captivate your audience or make them move on. You don’t need just to words to entertain people, you need words that convert. That has your audience pressing that buy button. That’s where I come in.

What Great Content Needs to Do

Great content has a purpose. Writing just to have something on your website, isn’t enough. Your content needs to:

  • Cause visitors to take action – content can’t just fill up space. It needs to be part of a larger strategy that has a purpose.
  • Solve a problem or fill a need
  • Work in tandem with SEO. You need both for either of them to work.

How I Can Help with Creating Great Content

Create a Content Strategy That Works for Your Business


Write Content That Positions You as an Expert

Website Copy, Lead Magnets, E-mail, E-books

Sales today is a new game. Buyers no longer contact you at the beginning of the sales process, it’s now at the end. They’ve educated themselves before they make contact with you. You need content that draws them in. Your content needs to be engaging, well-written, informative, inspiring and shareable – just to name a few. To get that kind of content, you need someone experienced and who knows what works and what doesn’t. That’s where I come in. I can help you write the kind of content that rises above the noise and makes you stand out among the competition.

What Others Have Said About Working With Me.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many writers. Some bad, some good and some that are the best of the best. Jessie falls into that latter category. Her work is always engaging, well researched and more importantly gets readers to take action. Plus she’s easy to work with and has great ideas. I don’t hesitate and have recommended her to many in my network.

Bryan Favorite, CEO, Favorite HVAC

Alfredo Paris, CEO, A. Paris Consulting LLC

Jessie took my lackluster posts on customer service and transformed them into content that my audience can’t stop talking about. Her ideas helped get my blog in front of more people than I thought possible. She’s the first one I call whenever I need any content for my business.

Jessie is my one stop shop. Working at an agency prior to striking out on her own has given her a unique perspective and the ability to change hats quickly and easily. I can ask her to write an article and even create graphics to go along with it. Always professional and friendly, I can count on her to exceed my expectations every time.

Sarah Evans, Owner, Evans Events

5 More Reasons You Should Work With Me.

  1. No Generic Solutions: My solutions are hand-tailored for your business. No cookie cutter solutions here.
  2. Original and well-researched content: Everything I write goes uses the latest research and adds something to the conversation, rather than just repeat what’s already out there.
  3. 100% Transparency: I regularly keep you updated on progress so you’re never in the dark.
  4. I write for both people and search engines: Writing with search engines in mind is not about stuffing an article full of as many keywords as possible. It’s writing in the language that your audience uses and creating content that informs and inspires them.
  5. I work according to your needs: If you need something in a hurry, I don’t just work 9-5. I can work with you to meet deadlines and have worked nights and weekends when necessary to get a project completed.

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